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BY-8000C-Programmable Digital LED Strip Controller

The controller is designed for digital LED strip lights, supporting programmable writing and playing content stored in the SD card. The SD card can store up to 32 effects files, with a capacity support range of 128MB to 32GB. The controller has 8 output ports, with each port capable of supporting up to 512/1024 lights (DMX lights can support up to 512 pixels). DMX suggest to support 320 per port. The controller has a single output port, supporting a maximum of 4096/8192 pixels (taking DIX lights with a maximum of 512 pixels per three channels as an example).

  • The controller supports multiple chips
  • The controller has one output port and can support up to 8192 pixels
  • DMX lighting supports up to 2560 pixels
  • The controller has various built-in test effects and includes a DMX512 testing function
  • DC 5V -24V input
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing only 0.35kg

Order Information

Model Output Port Number Pixels Voltage Power  Type Capacity Format Storage File Temperature Interface Weight Size
By1000-C 8 4096/8192 5-24V 5W SD Card 128MB-32GB FAT or FAT32 *.led -30℃-85℃ 3Pin binding post 0.35Kg 180*120*30mm