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Addressable RGBW LB1908 IC Digital 60Leds  DC 12V 16.8W IP20 5050 2OZ 10mm PCB Led Strip

It features various modes, offering soft lighting and vibrant colors. Additionally, we have the Individually Addressable Dream RGB Programmable LED Strip with 5050 SMD LEDs. This strip comes with an external LB1908 IC, built into the 5050 SMD, providing static effects, chasing effects, special effects, etc.The strip is completed with 3m self-adhesive backing for easy fixing into an LED channel.The design of small cutting units allows the LED strip to better meet the requirements in terms of flexibility, creativity, and personalization, making it suitable for more complex and intricate lighting scenarios.

  • 5050-sized LEDs with externally integrated microcontroller
  • Super Bright 5050LEDs
  • DC 12V,16.8W/ meter
  • Easy Installation featuring 3M 300LSE Adhensive Layer
  • Switch between various modes effortlessly
  • Cut unit 16.67mm with LED spacing of 16.67mm
  • 50,000hurs rated life / 3 year warranty

Order Information

Color CCT-Wavelength Lumens / M Power / Meter Light Eifficacy LED Qty
RGB N / A 550lm/M 16.8W 33lm / W 60




Tranparent Acrylic,10mm PCB with 4pins,non waterproof, strip to strip


Tranparent Acrylic,10mm PCB with 4pins,150mm lenght wire, non waterproof strip to Power


Tranparent Acrylic,10mm PCB with 4pins,150mm wire, both ends with connector.non waterproof, strip to strip


PVC,10mm PCB with 4pins,150mm lenght wire, waterproof strip to Power


PVC,10mm PCB with 4pins, waterproof strip to strip


PVC,10mm PCB with 4pins,150mm wire, both ends with connector.waterproof strip to strip